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How Micromanagement Is Slowing Down Your Organization

How Micromanagement Is Slowing Down Your Organization How to Identify a Micromanager Excessive Oversight: Frequently checks in on employees’ work, often unnecessarily. Detail-Oriented to a Fault: Focuses intensely on minor details, often overlooking the bigger picture. Difficulty Delegating: Reluctant to assign responsibilities, preferring to maintain control over tasks. Lack of Trust: Demonstrates a lack of trust in employees’ abilities to complete tasks without direct supervision. Highly Directive: Provides detailed instructions on how tasks should be done, leaving little room for creativity or alternative methods....

November 10, 2023 · 3 min · Konrad Rutkowski

Ime options on Android

What are those ImeActions? It’s keyboard action button which is often skipped during the development and sometimes even in Q/A process. Most user may never use that, but you will make some other furious. In modern times you should care about all of them. You should care even more when you are developing apps for Android TV - virtual keyboard is quite annoying, so it’s sad when we will have switch to virtual cursor to switch edit field Business - when employees are filling the same form for 100x time, it’s way easier to click next on keyboard than switch fields by touch Devices with physical or external keyboard - it’s just more pleasant As a developer you have some possibilities to control those keyboard...

November 9, 2023 · 3 min · Konrad Rutkowski

Sequences vs Collections

Sequences vs Collections Introduction Do you often work on large collections with tons of transformations required? You have to know how to improve the performance. Collections New collection is created after each transformation Good for small list with low amount of transformations needed Transformations are executed on whole collection Non-Lazy Sequences Creates TransformingSequence instead of new collections Good for large list with a lot of transformations needed Transformations are executed on each element Lazy Performance Code The task: Cleanup those urls....

November 8, 2023 · 3 min · Konrad Rutkowski